Having Your Own Method Of Pattern making

Having Your Own Method Of Pattern making

Having Your Own Method Of Pattern making is not a must do, but iĀ feel it makes pattern making more interesting and fun. It could be daunting and even stressful but you get to find out different things about pattern by do so.

Pattern making can be made easy if you take your time to understand the basics and realise that you have to read books and even watch video to know which method works for you, this anyways is if you are interested in a well constructed garment. I find that for me I need a picture representation of an explained pattern to understand it, expect I came up with the pattern myself.

When I first started my journey into fashion design I found that there were so many authors and methods in achieving a pattern, it was confusing at first but after a while of fumbling I came up with a way that worked for me,

1. first selecting the right books
2. understanding there methods
3. selecting which method worked for me
4. combining my selected method

I came up with my choice, I have tried it several time with different types of garment, they were perfect so I stuck with it.

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